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Gelato - a part of Italian tradition


Italian culture is full of rich traditions that have shaped it to become one of the most popular traveling destinations in the world, but nothing says Italian tradition quite like the food. Aside from the countless number of signature pastas that are a must-eat when visiting, gelato is a unique staple when it comes to Italian tradition. And as one of our earlier clients, GIO GELATI and its owner, Guido Mastropaolo, celebrated their 1st year in San Francisco this month, we are going to talk about gelato.

Italy’s famous dessert, gelato, which literally translates to “frozen,” is certainly a world favorite and another Italian recipe that others just can’t seem to get quite right outside of Italy. It is recognized as the Italian version of ice cream, but if you ask someone that really knows, they would tell you that they are not the same. The main difference is that gelato has over one-third less butterfat than ice cream does and is kept at a little over 10º warmer, which adds up to give it a more intense flavor. Something else that differentiates gelato from ice cream is the manner and timing in which it is consumed. Due to the healthier ingredients and its digestibility, it is enjoyed more often throughout the day, and even late at night after dinner.

GIO GELATI, an authentic gelato shop in San Francisco, emphasizes the respect that real gelato has. The respect lies within the loyalty to the ingredients, as well as the color and flavor of the rich, creamy dessert. Consistency is truly the key to making Italian-approved gelato. It has been said that authentic gelato (to an Italian’s standards) cannot be found in the United States. With that being said, according to Patrizia Pasqualetti, the gelato chef at GIO GELATI, thanks to the growing culture of master gelato chefs nationwide, the quality has been increasing significantly throughout the country.

No matter how you like it, there is no such thing as Italian tradition without gelato. Happy One-Year Anniversary, GIO GELATI!